Wednesday, November 12, 2008

new block print card design

I just finished carving a new linoleum block for my card line, and I'm really excited about it! A lot of people ask me how I make the designs, how I carve them and what they look like. Here's what the block looks like:

Most of the time I draw something in Illustrator, usually based on a few photos, print it out, and transfer it onto the block with pencil. Then, I set to carving. This process takes quite a while, depending on how complicated the image is, it can take a few days of manual labor (almost always resulting in a cut finger too). I have to admit this particular block is drawn from a photo I took of my husband and our very sweet new puppy, Dottie :)

Once the block is carved, I can start making prints. They always come out a little different every time, which is kind of cool I think. It depends on how much ink I use, how much pressure is put on the paper, and even how wet or dry the ink is as I'm applying it. Its not all down to a science, but its really fun!

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