Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Act Locally

It seems every night as I'm walking home from work, I notice another chain store has opened and another local business has closed. My favorite neighborhood Indian restaurant on Atlantic, Dhaka has recently closed, and I wonder if Brooklyn will turn into another strip mall unrecognizable from every other strip mall I've driven through in New York State. Obviously, as a business owner, this concerns me. The bigger picture, though, makes me really frightened. Are we becoming another American suburb where everyone keeps to themselves with no neighborhood camaraderie? no local flavor? I love Brooklyn! I love all my favorite bars and restaurants and shops, all with some local zing and nothing at like you could find at a TGI Fridays or Urban Outfitters.

A friend referred me to this film, Twilight Becomes Night, about New York City's small businesses. I haven't yet watched it but I'm already recommending it. I suspect when the dvd arrives and I pop it in, it will only strengthen my love for this great city! You can purchase your own copy here. I'll be lamenting my loss of saag paneer.

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